Wedding planning is an art form. To be one, you have to be the kind of person who swears by getting under the skin, doing his (or her) best & out-delivering to delight every client! That’s why, MEW is a lifetime vision come true for me.

The kick-off point of the entire wedding planning process is listening. Listening right. Grasping the aspirations & the expectations of the client. It’s a voice that doesn’t use words – only instinct & intuition..

Then, laying out a road-map. Listing every activity; viewing each activity from every angle; integrating the living daylights out of them all.

Our mission: To extract real & tangible value for the client. We are in the business because we feel for the client. We are them and, all their needs are ours.. We want them to be happy & enjoy their celebrations – and we want to be the reason for it.

So, we communicate universally across the board. Simple, clear, real-time. Every short cut is a fast-track to a long drawn-out mess. Smiles go miles; stay smiling through it all.

Remember, the grass is always greener wherever you water it.

The Wedding Chronicles by Aditya Motwane

Episode 002