Weddings are often described as the most spectacular part of your married life. I believe, it deserves to be celebrated in the most thoughtful way, as long as you can, as years go by.

A dream wedding is the ultimate fantasy waiting to take wings. In near-mystical settings, far removed from the madding crowds, amidst the eclectic company of select loved ones

There’s no limit to the imagination. A potent mix of exotic settings, culinary revelry, surreal décor themes – all bespoke by design.. Everything’s picture-perfect!

But of course, perfection doesn’t happen unless the forces of nature don’t conspire to do so. That’s where MEW steps in. As your wedding planner.. Like a Custodian entrusted with bringing these moments – in fact, the most special celebration in a couple’s life – to life.

For after all, an event is an event is an event.. But, the wedding is the ‘Grande Dame’ of all events. Majestic, diva-esque, towering high above the ranks. Perhaps, the most enchanting fairy tale of them all!

The Wedding Chronicles by Aditya Motwane

Episode 001