We spend a lot of our time in meeting new couples to discuss their wedding plans and how we can assist them in pulling together the look and feel of their big day.

One of our first questions is “What elements of your personality do you really want to shine through at your wedding?” / “What are you passionate about in life?” / “What are you big loves, pet peeves and wish-lists?”

It is essential for us to know the answers to these questions so that we can cleverly weave aspects of the bride and grooms’ personalities into their wedding-day styling.

There’s a lot of wedding advice floating around the Internet. Problem is, a lot of it is obvious fluff repackaged by:

– well-heeled editors / bloggers contractually obligated to spend their days inventing absurd nonsense to fill pages surrounded by advertisements


– people who’ve never planned a wedding / mistakenly think their very specific experience can be extrapolated.


– both!

Examine your strengths with a critical eye. Think very carefully about any last-minute changes, so you can enjoy the ride too. There are too many options out there, and sometimes, limitations can be your friend. The name of the game in wedding planning is eliminating as many possibilities as fast as possible.

And most importantly, think of yourself first. Its not being selfish, you’ve eraned that privilege. So, do not get bogged down in any single decision. Here’s the one question you should surely ask yourself: Are my guests going to be delighted? Because this is TECHNICALLY a celebration of you – and REALLY a stretching-over-multiple-days-and-events party that you’re throwing for your family and friends. You are hosting these people that you love. Every decision should also factor in whether the guests like it, appreciate it, or notice it at all.

The Wedding Chronicles by Aditya Motwane

Episode 003